Banking Banks are similar to a company based business model where sales play a pivotal role in its entire operations. With all the banks competing to offer personalised and convenience banking, heat of stiff competition is felt by their management. Banks have to ensure coordinated sales activities with management policies.

Pre sales refers to sales person approaching corporate directly or using road show or stalls to promote the personalized banking service to prospects.

Challenges :

  • Availability of Product Brochure in electronic form is required as it is hassle free and easily sharable over computer devices
  • Sharing Beat Route with pre sales person remains a problem as they either visit a branch or have daily assembly to be briefed before proceeding to field activities.
  • Real time field data collection is not possible as same has to entered from papers to a computer based files and only then it is can be put to use by management for planning
  • Drawing information from Pre Sales docs like customer enquiries, referrals and feedback is not easy owing to usage of paper based data collection
  • Competitive Market Analysis is required to stay ahead of others under forces that drive the market

Sales of banking service include direct contact with the customer and make him ‘purchase’ (subscribe to) array of banking services. Though such sales are not followed by any direct payments but investment by the buyer itself pays for the banking services offered.

challenges :

  • Lack of Mobility services in the age of smart phones and cheap computing devices is simply unacceptable and banking is no exception. Deploying mobile based solution for sales force shall certainly help to infuse trust among customers.
  • Real Time visibility of Sales staff is not available which is otherwise helpful to alert prospects en-route about visiting sales person
  • Docs' collection from customer like photographs, ID proof etc in physical form is cumbersome.
  • High Admin Cost is required to ensure accuracy at each level but is adverse to profitability.
  • Efficient field staff management is required to control operational costs. Daily record of actions of field staff is not achievable by existing mechanisms. ROI on costly field staff remain obscure.

Challenges :

  • Customer Help Desk is big value addition and it must be efficient to maintain credibility. Resolving complaints are essential to maintain strong customer base as one disgruntled customer can drift away many more. Mobile App based help desk shall be quite apt whereby consumer actually enters detail to settle an issue.
  • Alert & Notification to recovery staff is required to timely approach the customer to collect dues against loans or other services.
  • Information Transparency is required to know the fallouts due to business deficiencies and create improvement channel. This is possible only through real time and accurate flow of information within and across the boundaries of various sections under banking operations.