Client/Lead Follow-ups


"Business Opportunity Management"

Client Lead Management is a simple process yet a complex task. Recording the information of all the clients and leads created can be mammoth yet very crucial task for business continuity of any organization. Keeping track of all the clients helps in creating visit plan/beat plan for sales team.

The system will helps an organization to achieve the following goals:

  1. Allocation of Leads directly on the Mobile of sales persons.
  2. Sales person can enter client follow-up / interaction details like client's specific requirements, next meeting date etc. directly on to mobile, cutting on sluggish paper based data entry, saving time and appear professional in approach.
  3. Real time availability of entered client follow-up data to management.
  4. Follow-up data is Geo-authenticated.
  5. Data is saved at back end system. Can be retrieved at will and converted to meaning full report.
  6. Clear visualization of Leads status to management that are not touched till date or pending mid way for some considerations
  7. Enables Prompt response to client request. This Establishes brand credibility and help winning trust.
  8. Better service to client and thus advantage over competitors.