Customer Help Desk


Customer help desk is integral to pre and post sales stages. It is used to seek details before making a purchase decision or raising a query post purchase. It can manage the tickets generated to repair a fault.

BizzyPulse can facilitate through mobile App to perform actions as per below -

  1. Customer can make use of client mobile App to send a query or raise a ticket for fault repair.
  2. Back end team manager can set priority on various tickets, visualize the team position over the map and assign query or ticket to particular agent in real time.
  3. Servicing person can enter the job status or send back the task for reallocation.
  4. App acts as Collaboration tool for field staff and back end management.
  5. Customer gets the mobile based status to is query or fault. App helps in better resource mobility and responsiveness.
  6. Real Time report on received calls versus closed tickets or queries to gauge quality of customer services.
  7. Optimize the support operations to provide better service using limited resource.
  8. Generate analytic reports on time spend on categorised query resolution.