DSR Automation


DSR is common name for multi form of pre-sales activities. It is used to fill Daily Sales Orders as in FMCG, Daily Call Report as in Pharma or just entry of client interaction information. Entry on manual sheet is cumbersome and this data has to be entered in computer device to put to good use of planning and delivery. This induces delay in response leading to possible business loss. Any human error while entry may reflect badly on to sales process and tarnish the brand name.


BizzyPulse can help to automate the DSR by -

  1. Showing Product list and pricing on Mobile App and receive Orders.
  2. Mobile based DSR can provide Geo Authenticated record of locations visited, sales meeting details and sales closed. This info is available to management in real time to gauge team productivity, keep accountability and plan efficiently.
  3. For MRs, sharing detail medicine brochure with Doctors is possible over Mobile App. This helps to induce interest in pharma product and take Doctors commitment.
  4. Entering customers inputs while pre-sales DSR is easy and real data client inputs are made available to management.