Data Collection


Field data collection make use of paper based forms. Handling these sheets can be cumbersome. Sheet based entry is prone to human error, loss, mutilation or damage due to environment condition. Additionally they cannot be readily shared or used till the data is converted to computer device format.


BizzyPulse App brings following advantage for data collection-

  1. Convenient collection of data using Mobile App. App based alerts in case an important data remains uncollected.
  2. Data can be in the form of pictures of important documents taken by mobile and then uploaded using App.
  3. Real time availability of data. It can be saved for future reference and shared with ease.
  4. Geo tagged authenticated data cut down on frauds.
  5. Boost to efficiency and responsiveness of sales staff.
  6. Planning and decision for follow up actions can be taken promptly. Improved customer experience give boost to sales.
  7. Cut down on costs and improve efficiency.