Order Collection


Order collection forms the foundation of sales process. Traditionally, the industry has been utilizing paper based brochures to showcase products and then utilizing forms to record customer orders. The legacy method mandates the maintenance of paper order sheet to consolidate before actual delivery. This method carries human generated deficiencies of ambiguity and error. Delivery gets delayed and order gets cancelled. Order dropping is certainly harmful for business profitability and brand name.


BizzyPulse App can help by -

  1. Sales person can share mobile based product list and price list to easily convince a customer for order placing.
  2. Inventory status can be made visible over mobile to ensure item availability before accepting order.
  3. Allowing mobile Form based Order Entry for real time visibility to management.
  4. Order consolidation becomes one step process. Management gets enough time to better plan inventory procurement.
  5. Better planning ensures zero order drop or short deliveries.
  6. Provide clear visualization of efficient sales person, ensures better productivity and responsiveness. Non-performing sales person can be easily tracked.