Pharma Industry


pharmaindustry Pharmaceutical in India is a multibillion USD industry expanding at a high rate. Buoyant by the rise in general awareness to fight diseases through medications and efforts by Govt. Agencies to provide better health services has sky rocketed the demand of medicines giving boost to pharmacy industry. With the rapid growth and changing scenarios due to new drugs entering the market, patent time for some of fast selling drugs getting expired and their generic version being launched, the Sales scenario is equally volatile.

Pre sales phase involves meeting with Medical Practitioners to promote drug sales through their prescription.

Challenges :

  • Daily Call Report is essential part of pre sales where MR goes and meets physicians. With manual working, sharing specific feeds to MR and their meeting report cannot be generated in time.
  • Product demonstration to Physicians is very important where sales person/MR need to explain about a drug in limited time. Product details, competitor comparison, clinical stats about drugs may not be complete and accurate through printed catalogue which are otherwise required to convince physician to start prescribing to patients

Pharmacy Sales activity is conducted through Medical Stores but the Supply chain mechanism remains crucial part of Sales operation.

Challenges :

  • Daily Sales Report is essential for better planning under supply chain. The consolidation of sales demands from drug store to distributor does not reach in real time and as a result the business is lost to competitor drugs.
  • Coordinated supply chain mechanism is required to maintain supply of drugs that are high in demand and add to profitability. Unfortunately the sector deploys manual labour at different stages and information movement on stock requirement to stock supply remain slow.
  • Admin Costs remain high as the system retains legacy model and there is limited penetration of technology at any level. This adds to avoidable expenses.
  • Efficient field staff management is required to control operational costs. Clear visibility of field staff is not achievable by existing mechanisms.

Challenges :

  • Claim Process to get payments against outstanding order bills needs to be based on accurate and in time availability of information. Aged bills often go unpaid putting up huge losses.
  • Information Transparency is required to know the fallouts due to business deficiencies and create improvement channel. This is possible only through real time and accurate flow of information within and across the boundaries of various stages under Pharma business.