Post Sales Activity

Resolving Customer complaints are essential to maintain customer base as one disgruntled customer can drift away many more. Mobile App based help desk is feasible by consumers’ actually entering detail over the mobile to settle an issue.

Complain Registration

App manages consumer complaint registration by simple accepting basic details so that further communication is possible on same platform.

Complain Assigned

Compliant / request in assigned to concerned person at the backend.

Complain Status Report

The status is back fed through to the App to inform about its successful closure.

For sales and field staff, a task can refer to regular Rounds / Beat plan, pickup and deliveries as in Logistics handlers, attending service calls or others. Bizzypulse has the customised solution for all situations. What more, the mobile APP supplements the assigned tasks with precise information to avoid delays and in time service.

Create Dynamic Task

App can create a dynamic task on the run and transmitted (assigned) to designated team member. Manager can schedule an appointment with field staff. The application integrates the Management, the back end data centre, the field staff as well as the end user for better coordination and efficient task completion.

Workload Analysis of the field staff

Task assignment can be better controlled by workload analysis of team as per current status of task assigned and complete. This ensures better responsiveness among the field staff.

Task is followed

Data collected, closed and verified – Task follow up by BizzyPulse App ensures high level of SLA compliance, reduce overall cost and cut down on non-productive expenses.

Correct Invoicing

Tasks can be allotted to employees as per need. For certain tasks, customer billing can be accurately generated using exact time spend by employee / field staff at his premises.

Team Performance

Specifically to service sector, the App can generate analytical Reports for team performance using collected information on expenses on time consumed for task completions compared to generated Revenues to access overall operational efficiencies and map ROI to business.