Schemes and Promotions



Sales Promotions creates a desire to purchase a product by showing its utility to customer. Sales Schemes are incentive offered to consumer to purchase certain products. Collectively the schemes and promotions are mandatory to introduce new products, maintain the brand value, counter the promotion of competitor product, boost the sales in general or shape the market of products.

BizzyPulse App can help in Schemes and Promotions by -

  1. Providing up-to-date schemes over Mobile which the sales person can use to easy share it with customer.
  2. Providing schemes directly to customer through customer mobile App brings transparency and help to retain business.
  3. Easy and authenticated management of loyalty based schemes to end user ensuring they get benefit and provide regular business.
  4. Establishing cheap and convenient way of sales promotion over mobile.
  5. App can be configured to maintain multiple schemes and adjust the version of scheme as per locality or product type and hence keeping it error free and simple for sales staff.
  6. Analytic Report to measure schemes performance over a region and range of product. It gives timely direction to make necessary changes to achieve desired results.