Service & Task Management


Field task refers to verity of work accomplished by field staff. It can be simple survey collection to providing servicing or opening a bank account at client place. Management of task starting from its assignment to completion needs strict monitoring or else there may be cost overrun or loss of time and poor delivery.

BizzyPulse can help the task management under various scenarios as follow-

  1. Field staff can view calendar based daily agenda on assigned tasks to allow advance planing.
  2. Survey collection is possible by entering survey data on App based form. Collected data is geo-authentic and error free.
  3. Repair or Servicing Task can be assigned on the run to Servicing engineer over Mobile. Real time status monitoring on task done.
  4. Tasks like Bank account opening or premium collection for policy renewal is possible with digitized docs collection.
  5. Mobile App helps establishing rapid response channel saving on time and increased productivity.
  6. Alert & notification over Mobile for any escalations. Run time change in task priority.
  7. Mobile based collaboration of field manager and his team with other departments.
  8. Real time visualization of team over map. Accountability through tracking and prompt action to a task stuck for want of different expertise or material.
  9. Generate analytic reports on time spend on task completion to drive team efficiency.