Visit/Beat Plan


Sales Beat Plan is important to channelize the field work force to approach defined category of prospects as per defined time table. This ensures to map the productivity for a route versus offered products. As per legacy system, beat Plan is shared through in-person meeting which cause time loss and does not reflects just-in -time changes in route plan.


BizzyPulse mobile App can be used for -

  1. Pushing up-to-date Beat Plan directly on to Mobile of Sales persons. This saves time and field person can directly approach the target.
  2. Real time authentication of locations visited.
  3. En-route Form based activity entry for sales persons to maintain accuracy and save time. Activity data available to management.
  4. Customer date/order collection over App in real time.
  5. Higher productivity and accountability of sales persons.
  6. Alerts & Notification to Sales team. Example - make aware about latest changes or share pending payment status of a retailer.